November 10, 2021


Monte probably enjoyed golf more than anyone else in our family. He golfed with business associates at the Springbrook Golf and Country Club and on business and pleasure trips across the country and overseas (including the famous St. Andrews course in Scotland).  His golf clubs were always in the trunk of his car (usually a Lincoln Continental)—just in case. 

After his successful career as a hosiery mill executive, he retired while still in his 50’s and was happy to have even more time for travel and golf.  His wife Isobel did not share that interest and they divorced after he retired. In later years he spent many happy hours with a lovely widow, Helen Beaman.  She loved traveling and golfing with Monte.

Easy was the other Eaves who enjoyed golf.  He and his wife Mildred spent many hours on their country club golf course in Ashland, Kentucky.  He and Monte also enjoyed playing golf together.

This world of golf courses and country clubs seemed central to Monte and Easy. In the next generation of the Eaves family, Tootsie’s sons Jerry and Joe probably enjoyed playing golf the most.  Jerry and his wife Marilyn often played golf together and spent a lot of time with friends at the same Springbrook Golf and Country Club. Joe lived in Asheville and played golf there. After he retired, he worked part time at the clubhouse. In return, he had access to play golf on the course.

No one on my mother’s side of the family ever played golf.  The Connellys also were generally not the country club or golfing types.  After we married, Tom tried golfing some with some of his faculty friends.  When a wild shot of his hit the college dean on the head, he got rid of his golf clubs for good!  His younger brother Bill did enjoy golfing and the country club life in Nashville—and currently lives on a golf course.

And that’s the family story on golf and country clubs!

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