November 9, 2021


Valentine’s Day is all about love, so it seemed the perfect time for an engagement celebration in 1998!  Hunter and Katty were the honorees at a party given by his parents Bill and Jane at their log house on Lynwood Boulevard.  Since Heather lived in Nashville, she and her friend Steve went to the event.

Katty and Hunter met when he rented a house to her and some of her girlfriends.  He’d graduated from University of the South and she from Vanderbilt.  Her parents are from Iran and taught at UT-Chattanooga.  Their lovely summer wedding was in the chapel of UT-Chattanooga with a reception at a Lookout Mountain country club. Our whole family was able to enjoy the wedding festivities which blended the foods and cultures of Tennessee and Iran.

This photo also brings fond memories of this lovely log house where we often enjoyed visiting. It had a rustic charm that contrasted well with more formal furnishings and original artwork. With Jane’s special knack for decorating, it always felt cozy and welcoming.

More than two decades later, Hunter and Katty have their own beautiful Nashville home and four amazing children—McClain, Riley, Luke and Drew. 

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