November 24, 2021


Heather and I left Atlanta on a Delta flight to London on Thanksgiving Day, 1993. My family wasn’t one for overseas travel.  The one who spent the most time abroad was my brother Glenn and that was as an Army medic during World War II.  I’d always been fascinated with England and the Royal family. So when the chance to visit Patrick in London came up, I persuaded Heather to go with me. This is a photo Brent took of the three of us after we went to hear Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at a candlelight concert at St. Martin-in-the-Fields on Trafalgar Square.  It was a wonderful evening of music—on our last night in London.

We stayed at this lovely old hotel on Buckingham Palace Road!  The site was once part of the Buckingham Palace grounds, and featured shops and apartments for the Palace staff. The Royal Mews can be seen from the hotel, and we walked by it every morning.  This is the Palace’s stables where all the historic coaches, carriages and cars of the Royal family are housed, as well as the horses. I could hardly believe I was actually that close to the Palace!

We covered a lot of territory during our short stay.  Patrick and Brent had been living and working there several months and were great tour guides.  It definitely was a one of a kind Thanksgiving week—one I remember each year at this time. 

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