October 28, 2021


Look at those guys!  This was a photo taken at Bill and Jane’s home in Nashville when we were visiting and Hunter was celebrating a birthday.    Little Will, Patrick and Hunter always enjoyed being together—most often when we visited Nashville but occasionally they visited us in Columbia.

For several years Patrick and Hunter went to basketball camps—at either Lipscomb or Vanderbilt.  Those were always some highlights of the summer for them.  They both loved the game.  Patrick continued to enjoy playing in basketball church leagues. He played with passion and really loved to win!  Hunter was an outstanding player on school teams, and eventually at University of the South. 

Marla, Hunter and Will were the only cousins Heather and Patrick got to know well. That sense of family connection and shared interests meant a lot.  And there are many special memories of visits, graduations, and weddings over the years. 

Those Connelly boys in the photo are all devoted dads themselves now—Patrick with three sons, Hunter with two daughters and two sons, and Will with two sons. Those generations keep going! Patrick’s sons haven’t gotten to know their Connelly cousins since they don’t live nearby.  Maybe we need to plan a cousins’ reunion for the young generation—who are preschoolers, middle schoolers, high schoolers and college students—before they are all grown up. 

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