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Latest from the Blog

June 14, 2021

THE RED-HAIRED QUEEN I wish this photo were in color!  My cousin Edanna was a charmer—with the kind of bright red hair that is seldom seen today.  I often wonder why there seemed to be more red-haired and platinum blonde children when I was little—and not as many now. Is it climate change? Genetic modification? Perhaps weContinue reading “June 14, 2021”

June 13, 2021

SOME THINGS OLD, SOME THINGS NEW! This photo is from June, 2015, on the day I surprised the four cousins with their very first smorgasbord for lunch.  By the time Sam and Eli were 6 and Charlotte about 5, we launched Camp Grandmama.  The first few years it involved Charlotte sleeping over, the three of them linedContinue reading “June 13, 2021”

June 12, 2021

FEET UNDER THE TABLE There are a few times when you might want your feet to be featured in a photo—and this must have been one of those!  Here’s a candid shot of mother-daughter feet under the table at the Illinois wedding reception of Jesse and Stephanie.  Heather had gotten a pedicure and loved her  new pink sandals.  AfterContinue reading “June 12, 2021”

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