November 22, 2021


These two friends are Jeannie and Debby—at my house in South Carolina for brunch on Jeannie’s wedding day. I met both of them when we worked together at CENTA Medical Group.  Jeannie came as an audiologist and some years later, married one of the group’s physicians, Ed Woody. Debby was from a small town called Johnsonville and came to work as a medical assistant at this practice after she graduated from high school.  Debby worked with Dr. Bill Fravel until he retired, and then with Dr. Woody. 

Debby’s husband Eddie Prosser was a handsome banker in Columbia. They loved the water and built a home on beautiful Lake Murray where they enjoyed boating, swimming and fishing. He was unmatched at whole hog barbecue! He would borrow his family’s improvised barbecue pit (a large metal barrel on wheels) and jugs of the Prossers’ own barbecue sauce. All through the night, the meat would be slowly cooked and basted until it practically fell off the bone. So delicious and a real South Carolina tradition.

Debby has a beautiful smile and such a compassionate heart.  Patients always adored her, and she had a knack for putting them at ease.  Dr. Fravel sometimes had a brusque manner and Debby’s warmth prevailed. 

Over the years, the Fravels and Prossers became close friends and spent many hours together. Debby joined Bible studies led by Sallie Fravel and as her faith deepened, she saw her work with patients as a ministry of grace.

After Dr. Fravell’s retirement, their friendship continued and Debby continued working alongside 

Dr. Woody.  Eddie had some serious health issues for several years, and Debby’s love and encouragement helped get him through those hard times. She and Eddie continue their lakeside life now after retirement—South Carolina folks at their best!

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