November 13, 2021


It looks like we were going to go to church in style this Sunday!  Arley had picked out a new car for the family—and it was more upscale than we usually had—the only Buick we ever had, I think.  He told me it was a Buick Eight Coupe—and it sounded quite elegant to me.

This photo (which Arley took) shows Uncle Jack, Mother and me with the new car. Uncle Jack had come up from Cleveland for the weekend. In keeping with the occasion, I stood on the front bumper with a hand on one headlight.  Surely a princess must ride about in a fancy car like this, I thought.

Mother would be driving—and she was probably still a little nervous about taking the new car. Since Arley wasn’t a frequent church goer (preferring to go horseback riding on Sunday mornings), it was up to her. She was a good driver although she never had any input on selecting our family car.  That was the man’s responsibility! 

This was during the years we lived in the little black and white log house on Decatur Pike. We most often took photos at the front of the house, but this one shows the side and back of the house.  The building in the background is our smokehouse.  I loved the smells inside the smokehouse where Arley cured hams each fall.

The coupe only had two doors and no back seat. We actually put a wooden bench behind the seat for me. So much for child safety measures.

Apparently the Buick Eight was a very popular model, and is still a favorite of classic car owners. Arley made a good choice!

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