November 6, 2021


This photo from a few years back shows a group of us Redeemer women after completing some fairly fancy Christmas packaging!  Each year we’d been visiting a limited income senior housing apartment building to join in on the residents’ festive Christmas party and carol singing.  We’d always taken small gift bags to distribute to everyone but this year we went all out!

We worked on the project for weeks.  Several teams volunteered to be the gift shoppers, choosing items for each man and woman.  There were throws, purses, fishing rods, jewelry, pajamas and a wide variety of other things residents had on their Christmas wish lists.  Vicki and Valerie (on the left in the photo) came up with a lovely plan for wrapping the gifts in clear cellophane and making beautiful bows.  Arranging the items for display, doing all the packaging—a tricky process indeed.  My friend Jane and I (the two on the right) stuck with cutting the lengths of cellophane and ribbon and left all the wrapping to the experts. 

I really appreciate arts and crafts although I don’t tackle many projects on my own. Mother always told everyone, “Sally just can’t do anything with her hands”—because I couldn’t seem to catch on to sewing or crocheting. Over the years I’ve had quite a few crafts projects that never seemed to get finished.

This morning of gift wrapping was fun because we enjoyed coffee and snacks, talked and laughed, and somehow all together made those gifts look very special.

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