November 4, 2021


Finally, I found perhaps the only existing photo of my one and only red car—a Saturn in 1996!  This photo shows my great-niece Katie standing in my Williamsburg West driveway in front of my shiny red Saturn.  She was in high school in Murfreesboro and called to say she wanted to fly to Columbia for a visit to talk about her dreams of college.  I loved her idea and thought she was bold to plan such a trip—especially when the Olympics were in Atlanta and airlines were maxed out.  On a slow day the Atlanta airport (where she had to change planes) is hectic enough.  She persisted and I enjoyed showing her around the University of South Carolina, taking her to Riverbanks Zoo and shopping for bargains (her favorite pastime).

After my divorce I was anxious to trade in our green Chevy station wagon for a car more like my new lifestyle as a working single mom.  A man I worked with said he thought I should get an Impala and I did.  It was good for the transition but didn’t feel “like me.”  A friend who was a local Honda dealer offered me a good trade-in for a Honda Civic.  It was so compact and reliable—but I never cared much for its dark brown color. 

Then in the mid-90s I read about Saturn, the unique automobile developed by General Motors and being manufactured in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The whole Saturn story and marketing plan won my heart, and I bought my red Saturn.  Like many fairy tales, that one also ended.  By the time I moved to Nashville in 2001, I was ready to return to Honda.  Yet having a red car made in Tennessee for a few years was a good experience!

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