October 31, 2021


As the youngest of the family, Ezra is the only one still seriously into trick or treating!  Charlotte, theatrical minded as she is, designed herself a costume as a favorite character in The Grand Budapest Hotel this year. 

At our Sunday afternoon Camp Grandmama Zoom session today, Ezra proudly showed off the one part of his costume he had designed and “built” this weekend—a scythe.  He had used a great deal of duct tape for his creation, which he assured us was reusable.  He was going trick or treating in the surrounding neighborhoods as the Grim Reaper. In the top photo from eight years ago, the little 3-year-old Ezra has a much friendlier costume and is carrying a light saber not a scythe. And he’s surrounded by his costumed twin brothers! In the bottom photo, fully costumed Ezra is on his solo trek door to door as The Grim Reaper, and looking quite sinister.  I love the fact that in both photos, those cheerful orange plastic jack-o-lanterns are ready to hold the candy treats. They give a sense of continuity and cheerfulness that is missing from the scary costumes that are popular.

Ezra was well pleased with his reception at the neighborhood doors, as he proudly announced, “I’m absolutely killing it.”  And now, on to enjoying the stash of candy!  Apparently the stock candy corn we used to think denoted Halloween has been voted the worst candy ever.  Ezra says his top pick this year is the cookies ‘n crème Fang variety.  

Tomorrow begins November—Halloween candy on sale—and Walgreen’s was stocking the Christmas candy today.  

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