October 24, 2021


This photo of me with baby Ezra at the Montreat park doesn’t give many clues about the delightful personality he is already developing.  His twin brothers Sam and Eli were already five years old when he was born and it didn’t take long for them to start teaching this little fellow all the wonderful things they had already discovered.  And he quickly let it be known that he intended to keep up with them in every way he could!  A formula for success if ever there was one.

Visiting for his fifth birthday, I told him to pick out flowers at the Saturday morning tailgate market in Black Mountain.  He didn’t hesitate at all—and composed a colorful bunch of his favorites.  The boy loves to celebrate life!

When he was four, he was already challenging his brothers at chess. He announced that he did NOT want to be called “cute”—no matter that he absolutely was cute. He loved growing things and spent several seasons happily gardening with his mom—and enjoying the fruit of their labors. 

He’s passionate about animals—especially their two cats Percy and Zoe as well as the tropical fish in his aquarium. He constantly sketches marine animals and is a walking encyclopedia on them. Ezra’s a voracious reader, and devours whole series of books from the library. 

An honor student in the 4th grade at his Clinton, MS school, he enjoys every day of “in person” classes, even when masked. This photo of Ezra doing school fitness exercises was in a recent e-newsletter to parents. He’s disappointed when there are school holidays!  

We love Ezra’s commentary on daily life, his artwork and independent thinking.  And we still can’t say this boy is “cute!”

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