October 23, 2021


There are always so many adorable photos of the little “grands” and sometimes a couple of old favorites hit my inbox at the same time.  As with these two photos—likely made during the same fall—with no apparent connection. But now I’m struck by the little red hats or caps on all three cuties.

The photo of Charlotte determinedly plodding along in her white coat and red hat all while keeping an eye on her feet.  Walking in the woods on unfamiliar terrain still took some concentration, so she gave it all she had.  I relate to this experience more each year, as I’m usually looking down also to be sure I’m not going to trip and fall on some unexpected obstacle.  Now in the 9th grade, the tall and confident Charlotte now keeps her eyes straight ahead.  A few weeks ago when I took her out for a cheeseburger at Hugh Baby’s, I noticed that she paused each time I stepped off a curb.  She’s keeping an eye out for me now!

The photo of Eli and Sam was one of Julia’s Halloween costume inspirations—when they were dressed as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.  And those little red caps really give the costume a special pop!  Who could ever resist giving treats to these two?  They are now 16 and pushing on toward six feet tall.  And although they still have a strong resemblance, they’re now much more definitely their own unique selves.  They share many interests and also each has specialty fields.  They love spending time together and with younger brother Ezra and are also meeting new friends at school and church.  They are still irresistible! 

Maybe I should get all of them new red hats for Christmas this year. Just kidding!  These photo memories are all I need.

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