October 19, 2021


This photo was taken at our Christmas party in December 2001.  Kim and Heather went to Irmo middle school and high school together and were also friends at church.  This was our last Christmas at the King George Way house, as I was already working in Nashville.  Heather came home from her job in Charlottesville for the holidays.  By this time, Kim was a single mom with two little ones, Brandi and Jake. She was preparing to get her certification in elementary education.

By late 2002, I’d bought a home in Nashville and Heather had taken a job at Vanderbilt.  Within a few more years, Kim married John Lee and moved to East Tennessee.  She loves teaching at Prospect Elementary School!  With her children grown, married and now parents themselves, she has a full and busy life.  From her social media posts, it’s obvious some things never change.  She still delights in spending time with her parents back home on Lake Murray or at the beautiful beaches of South Carolina.  She’s always been a huge fan of the official dance of South Carolina, the Shag.  Beach music, dancing and boating seem part of her DNA.

When I saw this photo, it suddenly occurred to me that these high school friends in South Carolina are now both teaching in Tennessee!  After Charlotte was born, Heather took a brief detour to get her M.Div. at Vanderbilt.  She’s a Lecturer in the Department of Human and Organizational Development, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University.  This is a popular major for students and her classes are always large. 

One thing is certain—these two women teachers delight in their students, offering them academic learning, personal interest and compassion. Their students are very fortunate indeed!

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