October 17, 2021


This family photo was taken one Christmas at Easy and Mildred’s longtime home in Ashland, Kentucky. Buzz and Becce are on the left, with Kay and John next. Mildred and Easy are on the right.  Buzz’s son Blue is standing next to John, with John’s eldest Jesse in front of him.  Josh (John’s middle son) is beside Mildred and the youngest Matthew is in front of his mom Kay.

So Easy had two sons—spaced over a decade apart.  One of them had one son, the other three sons.  No girls in those two generations.  But now that trend has been turned upside down!

Blue and his wife Nancy have three children—a daughter Paige and two sons Dwyer and Knox.  Jesse and Stephanie have three children—sons Micah and Davis and daughter Madeleine (Maddie). Josh and Sarah have two children—son Parker and daughter Kathleen (Kitty). Matthew and Christina have three daughters—Laine, Emma and Gwen. They live in New York, Illinois, Tennessee and California. Easy’s four grandsons have 11 children altogether—six daughters and five sons. It’s great to see so many Eaves women added to the mix!

Another generational marvel Kay pointed out to me.  These 11 children are my father’s great-great-grandchildren.  Three of them—Dwyer, Micah and Parker were all born in 2010. That same year my youngest grandson Ezra Connelly—my father’s great-grandson—was also born.  This summer he and his cousin Parker enjoyed a cousins’ swim party at the Eaves pool here in Nashville (photo below).  

I’d say we have a promising new generation on the scene.  Bless them all!

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