October 13, 2021


These photos show Charlotte, Ezra, Eli and Sam each holding tiny newborn goats at Noble Springs Dairy in Franklin.  This field trip was a highlight of the June, 2018, Camp Grandmama week. I read that the far would be offering three-hour tours for families and that we would be able to bottle feed some of the goats and hold them.  

They schedule these tours for the kidding season–when the kids are born.  These little ones were only about two days old and we were just beginning to be steady on their feet. 

The young couple who operate the farm are Dustin and Justyne Noble and they were on hand to answer questions about the goats and other animals on their 233 acres of land.  They produce goat cheese, goat milk yogurt, goat milk, goat milk soap and sell their wares to restaurants, farmers’ markets and retailers.

Their mutual love of goats and farming actually brought the couple together.  His family owned the Traveler’s Rest Motel and Nobles Restaurant in Brentwood—prominent landmarks now replaced by the Walgreen’s at Franklin Road and Old Hickory Boulevard.  Dustin was allergic to cows’ milk and the family got some goats. Justyne grew up in Kansas and raised Alpine goats for the 4-H Club projects.  Eventually they met at a 4-H competition in Iowa. She came to Tennessee for college and they began dreaming about creating a goat milk dairy.  When they married, a favorite goat was in the wedding!  And now they have their dairy, their goats and other farm animals, and two children.

We bought cheese, soap, fresh eggs and souvenir t-shirts at the farm.  It was a memorable three hours—one of the favorite Camp Grandmama field trips.

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