October 12, 2021


“Meet Me at Tapp’s” was the advertising slogan for a popular locally owned department store in Columbia. The flagship store downtown on Main Street was elegant, with marble and crystal chandeliers.  A smaller branch store opened at the Trenholm Plaza shopping center near our home, and I always stopped in to check out the sales.

A few years after I moved to Nashville, I visited friends in Columbia.  It felt very strange to be visiting the place I’d lived for over thirty years.  One of my first stops was Tapp’s at Trenholm Plaza, where I found the outfit I have on in the two photos of this post.  It was marked down for clearance, two-pieced soft jersey with a flared skirt and a tunic top.  It was just colorful enough, very comfortable and I enjoyed wearing it for several years. 

In the top photo, I’m posing with Joseph and Renee Crump with their three little ones at their home on Trenholm Road.  Joseph was practically another member of the family for several years before he and Renee married.  Their first son Hampton is sitting at my right, I’m holding their youngest Sarah and sweet Thomas is perched up front on my left.

In the second photo, we were having a great time at the rehearsal dinner before Jesse and Stephanie’s wedding in Illinois.  I’m in my Tapp’s dress with Kay and Matthew!  

Like so many department stores, Tapp’s eventually closed.  The upper floors of the former store on Main Street were converted into loft apartments and the main floor housed an arts center, with multiple galleries and retail booths. The arts center closed in 2020, perhaps another casualty of the pandemic.  Hopefully, the historic elegant space will be transformed once more into something that enhances downtown Columbia.

I wish I had kept this dress from Tapp’s!  

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