October 3, 2021


Since it is October, thoughts turn to fall memories including Halloween.  Julia hold the family record for creating the most original handmade costumes, which she first did for the twins, Sam and Eli—and later for all three boys including Ezra.  It’s hard to pick any favorites they were all so clever.  But this photo of Sam and Eli brings a smile more because of their expressions than their costumes themselves.  This may have been a busy year when store bought accessories had to do.

Sam the wizard seems to be really into his role—look at his stance, with those upraised arms and his little denim shorts peeking through. Eli seems happy in his more subdued animal costume. It was always so much fun to see the originality of their costumes and especially their enjoyment of their make-believe roles. Often they issued a challenge to their mom to create something in line with their current interests, and she never disappointed. 

This second photo shows the same duo today as they and their dad were waiting to go inside the New Orleans Superdome to see the boys’ first NFL game—the New Orleans Saints (Sam’s favorite team) and the New York Giants.  Their dad has always been a great sports fan—basketball, football and soccer especially—and is delighted that Sam and Eli share his enthusiasm.  Ezra preferred to spend an afternoon with his mom in New Orleans instead of going to this game. Sam is on the left, Eli the right in the photo.  They enjoyed watching the game although they were disappointed that the Saints lost in overtime. 

In October, you can always count on this duo to be up for a new adventure!

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