October 2, 2021


This photo shows me speaking at the downtown Omni Hotel to the thousand or so attendees at the Partnership’s Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon four years ago this month.  Just two months after I retired, they presented me with the organization’s top award.  I protested strongly, insisting that I should not have that recognition but was overruled.

The opportunity to speak to so many community leaders I had worked with over the past 16 years was really wonderful.  The whole event was warm and gracious and I enjoyed it very much.  It was especially gratifying to celebrate with my colleagues from the Partnership.

The keynote speaker for the event was Gabe Klein, author of an engaging book called Start-Up Cities. He sat at the same table I did and we chatted during lunch.  He presented quite a few guests with autographed copies of his book.

Those few words perfectly described how I felt that day as I was surrounded by so many friends and co-workers—truly fulfilled.  My role always seemed to be more about support of others than any sense of personal power.  And in giving me this award, others affirmed that that role too is significant and essential.

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