September 30, 2021


This Easter Sunday egg hunt photo of my three older grandkids is such a favorite because of their facial expressions and loving pose together!  In the middle, Sam spontaneously took on his “big brother” role, put his arm around the shoulders of his twin brother Eli and his cousin Charlotte and pulled everyone together!  This was probably round three or four of hunting plastic eggs in Grandmama’s back yard, and everyone seems fairly satisfied with their finds.

Sam seems still to be giving directions to the other two and he even set his basket on the ground so he could hold Eli and Charlotte close. He had his priorities straight! Eli’s smile reflects his joy at any kind of celebration—especially if he is “winning” or doing well.  And for Charlotte, having her cousins in town for a visit is one of her favorite things. I like the way she jauntily has her Easter basket hung on her shoulder.  She wouldn’t tolerate not finding any plastic eggs, so she must have emptied hers out to prepare for another round of hunting.

This was one of those magical days of childhood played out in my back yard.  Now the “grands” are four—and even the youngest Ezra (age 11) is already “too big” for those annual egg hunts. There’s one thing that hasn’t changed, though—they still delight in being together.  This photo from this past summer shows them in the same order left to right—Eli, Sam, Charlotte—plus Ezra. Cousins are the best!

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