September 28, 2021


I like this photo because it shows my mother’s joy at being hugged by her husband and his son Easy. This was at a gathering of the Eaves family “up on the hill” one weekend. We had just finished eating a delicious home-cooked Sunday meal she had prepared. Everyone teased her about “auctioning off her food” as she encouraged everyone to have more of each dish.  She’d worked hard and was pleased with her efforts.  She simply wanted them to appreciate her (more than her food).

It wasn’t very easy to marry into this rather large and rambunctious family.  The Eaves children had grown up in this same home with their own mother. After her death, Arley married Harriett and they had me.  Just who belonged where wasn’t always clear.

Easy, the youngest of the Eaves brothers, was always warm and welcoming to Harriett.  He saw how good it was that their Papa had taken a new wife rather than try to navigate alone. I feel certain this photo was his idea.  He probably insisted she leave the kitchen and join the party outside and then during all the photo taking, orchestrated this pose. Tired as she was, I know she felt love and acceptance as she smiled between this father and son.  Maybe she was an Eaves at last.

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