September 21, 2021


This photo always brings a smile, as I remember that sometimes you just have to make adjustments!  When we had our log house at Beersheba Springs, lots of family and friends were eager to come for a visit and we loved that.  This was probably the summer of 1969, when my sister Tootsie brought her daughter-in-law Marilyn and granddaughter Kim to spend a night with us.  Mother was there and we cooked up a mountain supper with lots of fresh local vegetables and probably a berry cobbler.  The after-dinner custom was to stroll down the road by the Methodist Assembly hotel and cottages to the beautiful mountain overlook.  

Everyone in the photo is looking a different direction!  I’m happily looking at sweet Heather in her stroller, she’s checking out her cousin Kim and wondering why she seems to think Heather’s just a baby, Kim has turned her back on everyone and is probably wishing we had television, Marilyn may be looking at Heather and me, and Tootsie seems to be glancing back at the hotel behind us.  

We had plenty of beds for everyone but the three of them would be sharing a room.  We didn’t have air conditioning although it was usually cool at night, and there was no television. I don’t think we had a telephone in the house either (and there were no cell phones yet). We could go to Miss Maude’s or Brown’s Market if we needed to make calls.

When we got back to the house, Marilyn was panicky when she discovered a tick on her leg! We followed all the protocols and removed it but she insisted on checking every inch of herself and Kim for ticks.  None was found but she stayed on edge.

Each time we went to the mountain, it would take us a couple of days to adjust to all the differences.  Then we settled into the relaxing delights of mountain life and it was hard to go home again.  Sometimes our guests didn’t seem to have enough time to adjust. 

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