September 9, 2021


This photo was a marketing gimmick at the corn maze at the foot of Lookout Mountain that we visited one fall—but who could resist after seeing those little faces? There’s a long history linking the Faulk and Connelly families together—especially through the close friendship of Brent and Patrick.  They were neighbors in Columbia, went to church and high school together, spent several months during their college years living and working in London, traveled in Ireland with Heather, and have celebrated each other’s marriages and families. Brent drove from Chattanooga to Atlanta to attend the Emory University Commencement when Patrick received his Ph.D. in History.

Brent went to Covenant College on Lookout Mountain and fell in love with the college and the community. He began investing in real estate there, worked several years as a college recruiter for Covenant and then began a career in financial services with his friend Robbie.  He married his lovely wife Ana and brought her and her little daughter Ale to join him on the mountain.

A few years after Patrick and Julia welcomed twins Sam and Eli, Brent and Ana also had twins—son Charlie and daughter Riley.  Since then both have had another son—Niko for the Faulks, Ezra for the Connellys.  How amazing that these two guys are both fathers of twins!  In this photo, Eli (green shirt) and Sam (navy and red shirt) are smiling broadly to show their missing front teeth.  Little Riley is cupping her chin in her hand, with the other hand on her hip—and mischievous Charlie is showing off his belly button!  Ale is a devoted big sister, and loved babysitting the little ones.

Lookout Mountain is a friendly and tightknit community, and the Faulks live on Peter Pan Road.  They moved there from Cinderella Road, I think.  And the kids have gone to Fairyland Elementary School. This mountain ridge is part of the Cumberland Plateau, and home of the highly advertised tourist attraction Rock City.  It’s filled with natural beauty, caves, ancient rock formations and historical sites as well as the fanciful motifs of Rock City. 

Brent and his family are happily established there—enjoying neighbors, their church and the country club.  It’s wonderful to visit people who love their community while living on Peter Pan Road and walking to the neighborhood Starbucks.

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