September 12, 2021


Their Grandmama Harriett liked nothing more than making clothes for us!  She’d always sewn for me over the years until I was a “big girl” and wanted to buy my outfits like my friends did. So when Heather came along, she made many adorable little dresses for her!  She wasn’t too familiar with sewing for a boy, so Patrick was more of a challenge.  She did make him quite a few of these little “bubble sunsuits” and then gave up.  This purple and white print denimlike fabric was used for her only attempt at matching sibling outfits.  She made Heather more of a coverall pattern and Patrick the sunsuit.  This photo shows them posing in their “lookalike” outfits at our Beersheba Springs house.

The second photo shows Heather and me modeling our matching deep pink print long skirts Harriett whipped up for us!  We’re standing in the back yard of our McGregor Drive home in Columbia.  Earlier we had matching summer aqua dotted Swiss dresses.

I don’t recall that Mother ever made matching outfits for her and me.  Perhaps it just wasn’t the “in fashion” then.  She did make most of her own “housedresses” though.  Never one for dressing casually, she always had on a neat cotton dress she’d made, wore a girdle and hose always with medium heel shoes.  Anytime company stopped by, they would remark, “Oh, you’re getting ready to go somewhere!” Not so—that was just her “at home” look.  She only had one pair of Bermuda shorts when she went to the beach in her sixties and a few tailored pantsuits she wore in her seventies and eighties.  Small concessions!

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