September 8, 2021


Fall is my favorite season—and it always seemed most beautiful in the mountains of Western  North Carolina.  When Patrick and Julia lived in Swannanoa, we had some lovely day trips up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, at Chimney Rock and one weekend when Sam and Eli were about four, we visited Lake Lure for the first time.

In this photo I’m holding Sam (in dark jacket) and Eli (tan jacket) while we’re on a delightful (except for the bright sunlight making the boys cover their eyes) boat tour of Lake Lure.  For about an hour we slowly glided around the lake, with a guide pointing out summer homes on the banks and other sights of interest. 

The fall colors were brilliant, perfectly mirrored in the sparkling, clear water of the lake.

On shore, we walked through the lobby of the 1927 Lake Lure Inn.  Perhaps the most exciting event for this tiny resort area in recent years was the 1987 filming of the movie Dirty Dancing. Many of the stars and production crew stayed at the Lake Lure Inn during the filming.  Most of the footage was shot at a former Boy’s Camp. Posters and other memorabilia from the filming were displayed in the Inn.

Cool air, fall colors, clear water, mountains all around—and time spent with family.  Ingredients for a lovely day!

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