September 6, 2021


Today is the birthday of the little girl in this family photo from long ago.  She posted this photo on Facebook today—and she still very much loves her parents and baby sister.

The happy mother is Catherine Skelley, who was Inez Connelly’s younger sister (by 7 years).  The eldest sister was Ruby Woody (two years older than Inez).  They had a much younger brother Jess Gidcomb, who was 15 years younger than Inez.  Their parents were Luther and Nonie Gidcomb.

Inez was the only sibling who moved away from their home community of Santa Fe, near Columbia.  Tom and his brothers grew up in Nashville but loved visiting their mother’s family “in the country.” 

Catherine (or Cat, as her sisters called her) was the quietest of the sisters.  She and her husband Billy were married a couple of years after he got home from World War II.  Their daughter Carolyn was born the following year and there was an age gap between her and baby sister Susan. They were always a loving and happy family.  When Billy died in 1994, Cat died just six days later.  Carolyn didn’t marry and has delighted in Susan’s children and grandchildren.

Of the four Gidcomb siblings, Inez was the only one who had sons! Everyone else only had daughters.  Tom always loved spending time with the two cousins closest to his age, Ruby’s daughters Glenda and Katie.  After he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he spent lots of time talking with his Aunt Ruby on the phone.  He told her he wanted to be buried in the Santa Fe Cemetery with generations of the Gidcombs.  She saw to it that he was. 

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