September 2, 2021


Today is Charlotte’s 15th birthday—and she’s had a really good day with a four-day hiatus from high school to follow it!  This photo is from her very first birthday party—after she’s dug into the miniature traditional pink-layer cake I baked for her.  That first cake must be confusing—with the adults actually giving the child permission to dig in and smear icing all over her hands and face!  She also managed to eat her first corn on the cob that day.  Culinary milestones for sure.

By her 2nd birthday, Charlotte was obsessed with yellow buses. She was thrilled to spot any school buses on the streets and loved singing “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.” She said she wanted a yellow bus birthday cake and Heather created one. In this picture she’s getting ready to tackle it—surely she feels like a pro by now.

But that wasn’t the only surprise!  The Nashville Downtown Partnership operated a fleet of shuttles to transport downtown employees from remote parking to their office buildings.  Happily, they were bright yellow with a colorful “smiley P” logo for Park It Downtown. Best of all, a shuttle could be rented for small weekend events.  I arranged for Chico to drive a yellow shuttle to Charlotte’s house that Saturday afternoon and take the party guests for a ride.

The look on her face when she saw that yellow bus pull into her driveway was priceless!  Parents, grandparents and kids all piled on for a ride.  Everyone was singing the “Wheels on the Bus” song at the top of their lungs—and Chico bravely finished the short loop before depositing us back in our driveway.

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