August 28, 2021


It was so much fun to get a little red wagon for little Heather!  She looks pretty pleased to be taking a ride with her Raggedy Ann doll and a teddy bear.  She’s wearing one of many sweet little dresses her grandmama Harriett made for her.

Of course, the Radio Flyer little red wagons have been around since 1917 and enjoyed by generations of children.  So of course, Heather and Paul made sure their daughter Charlotte enjoyed a similar experience.

Charlotte seems pretty happy with her own wagon—and there are definite safety features for younger children.  She may have some alphabet blocks in there with her, but there’s not much room for dolls or teddy bears. But there is another definite link to the earlier photo.  Charlotte is  also wearing a dress her mom’s grandmama Harriett made.  We had saved several of those little dresses, which were just as bright and sassy as when Heather wore them.  Seeing them on little Charlotte was a special joy!

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