August 27, 2021


Just to prove they were good sports, Barb and her youngest son Scott posed for the mandatory photo of them standing in front of a Nashville honky-tonk!  The Perrins were friends from South Carolina where Rick was our longtime pastor.  After I moved to Nashville, they were here for a couple of visits. On this second trip, he was attending some meetings here and Scott came along to check out Nashville. 

Barb was always such a gracious hostess, a great cook who loved to laugh and spend time around the table with guests. She also persuaded me to go to London to visit Patrick.  She and Rick enjoyed traveling together as did she and her delightful mom Ruth.  She and her mom took a trip to London and had dinner there with Patrick, who was there for a few months.  She came home and began telling me I shouldn’t miss this opportunity.  Before I knew it, Heather and I had gotten tickets to make a 5-day trip, leaving on Thanksgiving afternoon.

Barb filled me in on all the details of traveling abroad, loaned me a fanny pack to carry important documents, and helped work out our itinerary.  Heather and I were going to meet at the airport in Atlanta—she coming from Nashville, and I would fly from Charlotte.  Barb insisted that I must come have Thanksgiving lunch with her family and some other friends, and said she, Rick and the boys would take me to Charlotte to put me on the plane.  She probably thought I might back out at the last minute!

We had a wonderful meal, then we all piled into their family station wagon to drive to the airport in Charlotte.  Of course, the trip was a once in a lifetime experience—just as Barb had known it would be. 

Whether in London or Nashville, Barb always enjoyed the experience to the fullest! 

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