August 11, 2021


We didn’t have a family tradition of taking “first day of school” photos every year—but this was my official school photo in the second grade at North City School.  I always loved the photo because of my braids (which Mother didn’t usually take time to do) and my outfit.  She made this jumper for me—it was brown, yellow, pink and white checks—worn with a white eyelet blouse and my little gold locket.  I think my hair ribbons were white.

Since I didn’t begin first grade until after Christmas vacation (because of my January birthday), second grade was my first official “first day of school” experience.  I felt like I “knew the drill” by now and was excited to begin a new year.  We had the first “split grades” that year because of overcrowding—so both 2nd and 3rdgraders were in my class.  I kept an ear out for the 3rd grade work when I got bored in class.

I loved going shopping for new school supplies—although we didn’t have official lists or need all the extra items my grandkids are asked to provide.  New notebooks, book satchel (pre-bookbag era), pencils, crayons—simple.

This summer has gone so quickly but as of today, my four grandkids are back In school—wearing masks because of a new surge in COVID infections. I’m really grateful that their parents have always taken “first day of school” photos each year.  

Charlotte’s are all poses at their Elkins Avenue front door. Yesterday was her first official day as a high school student—at downtown Nashville’s historic Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School, “the Castle” on Broadway.  She gave her first day an enthusiastic thumbs up!

Then today, Sam, Eli and Ezra have their first day of classes at Clinton, MS public schools—11th grade for Sam and Eli and 5th grade for Ezra.  Last night they said they were really looking forward to it—despite having to leave before 7 a.m. for school.

There’s just something about starting back to school.  Summer vacation has been fun but who can resist those new school supplies, seeing old classmates and meeting new ones, and interesting new classes and teachers? Even wearing masks can’t dampen the enthusiasm.  Have a great school year, one and all!

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