August 10, 2021


In the summer of 2005, Heather, Paul and I drove to Illinois for Jesse and Stephanie’s wedding.  On the way up, we stopped over for a night with Marla and Topper’s family near Indianapolis.  The next morning they took us on a sightseeing tour—visiting the USS Indianapolis memorial and a botanical garden with a butterfly garden.  Their toddler Emily enjoyed going along—and I loved this photo of her, concentrating on her steps through the garden.

All parents and grandparents constantly marvel at how quickly the little ones grow up!  When I opened an envelope a few months ago, another photo of that same Emily reminded me of that feeling.  How quickly it seems that little toddler has grown up! As a new high school graduate, she looks so confident and happy—resembling her mom Marla, but obviously her own person.

And this month she begins a new chapter—entering Vanderbilt University as a freshman in the School of Engineering.  Her maternal grandmother Jane and other relatives are delighted that she will be in Nashville. Marla pointed out that Emily’s great grandparents Helen and Harold (Jane’s parents) graduated from Vanderbilt in 1936!  The tradition continues.

This photo of Marla and Heather with an even younger Emily was taken one Christmas after I moved to Nashville and hosted a brunch for family. Here they are, these cousins—three Vandy girls.  Welcome to Nashville as you begin your college years, Emily!  

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