August 8, 2021


Mother would never think of stepping into her kitchen without wearing an apron—almost always one she had made.  This photo shows two I still have that she made.  Every Christmas she made a new type of apron and would give several as gifts to family and friends.  My favorite was the red organdy apron with a pocket made of a floral print cotton handkerchief.

In the 1970’s, my friend Alicia made me a wonderful full pinafore style apron—yellow with large colorful butterflies on it.  I still enjoy wearing it—and like these two photos showing Patrick clowning around in our Williamsburg West kitchen wearing the butterfly apron in the 1990’s and Heather and Paul at an engagement party here in Crieve Hall in 2004.  She’s wearing a wedding cake topper on her head, and the folded over butterfly apron.

Other favorite aprons include my yellow Mayfield Dairy one from the Athens store and several nice personalized aprons my friend Mary Jo has made for me.  They are both practical and have their own story.

Four years ago this summer, I helped Charlotte prepare her first dinner party for six at my house.  I wanted to give her a gift marking the special occasions, and found just the right thing at the T J Maxx Home Store—her very first apron.  Here’s the photograph when I presented it to her after the successful dinner party.  The tradition continues!

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