August 4, 2021


This morning, we packed up and said so long to our 3-night cabana home, took one more quick drive past the beach and shrimp boats, and left the coast to head toward Jackson.  We made a brief stop in Laurel, where we did some shopping at Erin and Ben Napier’s Mercantile store and drove through the residential neighborhoods looking for some of the home makeovers we’ve seen on their television show.

We checked into the beautiful old hotel (formerly the King Edward) in downtown Jackson—now the Hilton Garden Inn.  Charlotte and I shared a spacious room with two king-sized beds and Heather had a separate room across the hall. 

At 5:30 pm we met Patrick, Julia, Sam, Eli and Ezra at Sal & Mookie’s to celebrate Ezra’s 11th birthday (which was yesterday) with gifts and dinner.  Although we’d seen them in late June, the boys seemed even taller!  We waited almost an hour for a table on the patio, and enjoyed chatting and having Ezra open his gifts at some sidewalk tables.

Once we were seated, we had a delicious leisurely meal with appetizers and everyone’s choice of an entrée.  It was wonderful to talk about schools, recipes, favorite books and family stories! We lingered for almost two hours at our table, finishing up with ice cream cones. Ezra and Charlotte were hilarious in their colorful choice and Gothic look when finished.

Next week Sam and Eli will begin their 11th grade year, Charlotte her 9th grade and Ezra his 5th grade.  Starting the school year with masks but for now, in person classes.  Hopefully, the coronavirus Delta variant will subside soon.  

One last cousin pose outside, and then we left for our hotel—happy to have enjoyed the evening together in Jackson.

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