July 26, 2021


This sweet photo of me with little Charlotte popped up recently—and I remember the occasion very well! This little girl came into the world with a shock of very dark hair—soon to reveal itself as totally curly.  By this time, Heather knew she needed more of a trim that she dared risk and I suggested she bring her by where I had my hair done.  Angel said she’d be happy to do a little trim and give some tips for Charlotte’s hair care. Angel fixed up a little bench across the chair for her to sit on, put a cape on her, and Charlotte was a trooper.  No problem at all! In fact, she seemed to enjoy the whole process.

Today was another first for Charlotte—her first day of ninth grade orientation at Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet School downtown. Happily, I got to pick her up at the end of the day and drive her home.  Again, she took it all in stride and seemed excited about starting a new school year at a new school.

During the sixteen years I worked downtown, I developed a strong personal connection to Hume-Fogg and encouraged the Partnership to be a community supporter of the school.  We worked with a committee raising funds to renovate the school auditorium and provided options to introduce downtown business leaders to the school.  We featured their jazz band at our annual meetings, and donated money for student music lessons.

This high school has a strong history and consistently ranks as a top Tennessee high school in the annual US News and World Report listing. I’m glad that Charlotte gets to be part of it!

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