July 14, 2021


There’s so much I really like about this photo of Meg!  Her casual pose at the end of a long day for the family, her floral dress against the floral upholstery of the chair, and on the table at the left, the photograph of her cousin Kim, who died so young.

This was taken on the day of Monte’s funeral in May, 1999, when most of the family gathered at Jerry and Marilyn’s home for a meal together, and spent an afternoon sharing family memories. There was much laughter during the day—typical response to so many of the Eaves stories.

Monte was the eldest of the Eaves brothers. Easy and I were the last two remaining offspring of Arley’s, and we were joined by quite a few of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren that day. Monte’s two sons Farrell and George were there of course, and Farrell’s two daughters Marilee and Meg. Easy’s son Buzz was there, as were Pat’s daughter Pat, and all three of Tootsie’s sons, Jerry, Joe (with his son Ken) and Bill. 

Meg is the youngest of Farrell and Fern’s children, with older sister Marilee and brother Monte.  She was about the same age as her cousin Kim, and Heather was just a bit younger.  This Eaves, Rowden, Connelly female cousin trio were amazing.

Meg spent most of her young years in Signal Mountain, and was a gifted singer.  While in college, she was named Miss Chattanooga and became the second Eaves woman to be a contestant in the Miss Tennessee pageant.  In the late 50’s, Pat Eaves won the Miss Tennessee title and went on to the Miss America pageant.  Although Meg didn’t win top state honors, her singing talent was impressive.  After college, she had a wonderful career singing on Disney cruise ships and traveled across the world, spending time in Japan and other countries.  It was financially rewarding and interesting, but at a certain point, she grew tired of it and decided to move to Nashville.Eventually she met Matt Manning, an architect, and they were married.  They now have two sons and live in Franklin.  Meg is still the same outspoken, cheerful, delightful person she’s always been—an Eaves for sure!

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