July 3, 2021


This happy photo from June of 2005 was taken in Florida when Kay’s middle son Josh and Sarah decided on a family beach wedding.  Plans were already finalized for Jesse and Stephanie’s July wedding in Illinois—and the timing of this wedding was a surprise. The immediate families of the bride and groom enjoyed the romantic beach setting and the relaxed atmosphere of the intimate weekend together. It is wonderful to see Kay’s happy smile with the handsome young men she and John raised together.  After the hard and long season of John’s final illness and death, there was once again much to celebrate. 

Sixteen years later, all three sons are husbands and fathers! Jesse and Stephanie live in Chicago and have two sons and a daughter.  Josh and Sarah are in Nashville and have a son and a daughter. Matthew and Christina are in Manhattan Beach, California, and are expecting a third daughter.  After all those years of being the lone female in her household, Kay is delighted that she will soon have five granddaughters—plus three grandsons.  The pendulum has swung with this new generation—and the Eaves girls have taken the lead!

Of Arley’s five married children, only Tootsie had three children—Jerry, Joe and Bill.  Of all the grandchildren, Farrell had three children (Marilee, Monte and Meg), John had three sons (Jesse, Josh and Matthew) and Patrick had three sons (Sam, Eli and Ezra). Of the great-grandchildren, Marilee has three sons, Jesse has three children (Micah, Davis and Maddy) and Matthew will soon have three daughters. Blue (Buzz’s son) also has three children. And there are others among the generations—by ones or twos. It’s a joy to see the growing family of Eaves children!

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