June 28, 2021


When Tracy from Missouri met Heather from South Carolina in Nashville, they soon became great friends. Tracy came with Heather to visit us in South Carolina and we always looked forward to spending time with her when we visited Nashville.  She and Heather collaborated on many ventures—including the Brown Bag Lunches Jessica and Heather developed.  I was visiting one hot summer when Tracy came over to Heather’s place on Blair to prepare homemade chicken salad sandwiches and freshly baked cookies.  They took orders and delivered the bag lunches to nearby offices—transporting them in a cooler.  

Tracy eventually married Tim, a friend of Heather’s, and they have two sons Ethan (at the left corner of the photo above) and Ellis (in Heather’s lap).  This was a birthday lunch for Heather at my house in Nashville. Tracy is a great cook and someone you really appreciate having help organize meals and parties.  We’ve shared birthdays and holidays over the years at Heather and Paul’s, at Tracy and Tim’s and at my house.

Tracy and Heather both love lipsticks and are constantly looking for yet another great color.  They’ve discussed doing a blog on lipstick—and recently teamed up to select a lipstick for donors to Actors Bridge Studio. Donors completed a brief survey about some of their preferences and then received a handpicked lipstick chosen just for them.  I loved the one they sent me!

For a housewarming gift when I moved to Manuel Drive at the end of 2002, Tracy gave me this antique iron cross. It still occupies a favorite spot on a wall here—and whenever I look at it, I think of Tracy’s generous heart and her passion for life.

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