June 27, 2021


This evening the house is empty and quiet again after a wonderful nine nights of having “the grands” here.  “Grandchildren” no longer seems very applicable as three of them are taller than I am and they are all quite grown up.  But they are definitely still grand!

I asked the boys to post a brief sentence describing their reaction to Camp Grandmama 2021. Their responses seem to reflect their personalities.  Ezra—“This week was like a ray of sunshine!” Sam—“I had an awesome time watching In the Heights!” Eli—“It felt great just to get out and explore places!” I said, “It’s been like a breath of fresh air!”  And it was.  Especially now that we understand better the significance of breath. 

Patrick, Sam, Eli, Ezra and I went to the late service at church, where several people chatted with them about our week’s activities. At lunch, Sam asked if I talked about them to people at church.  Of course I do!  

We had a late lunch before they headed back to Mississippi—with one more new taste treat.  Since they had enjoyed the Publix cheesecake so much, I told them about their signature key lime pie.  It seemed like a fitting finale to the 2021 Nashville week.  They posed in anticipation of tasting it—and the Publix pie got rave reviews.

After an afternoon nap, I went by to take some leftovers to Charlotte—including the last piece of the key lime pie.  She was feeling happy about last night’s Act Like a GRRRL show—and promises to come over for a visit soon. What a breath of fresh air this past week was!

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