June 26, 2021


Charlotte spent last night with us and we had another Camp Grandmama favorite breakfast of “Eggs in a Basket.” About 11 a.m. we drove over to Richland Place for a visit with Judy.  We had fun talking about In the Heights, current events, swimming, and summer family fun. It was Charlotte’s first visit to Richland Place since the pandemic.  As always, the boys loved talking  with their friend “Judy Lefkowitz.”  Eli remarked as we were leaving, “She’s really a smart lady.”

Our next adventure was lunch at Antolia’s, a charming Turkish restaurant.  Our server was very helpful.  When I explained they had not had Turkish food before, he made several excellent recommendations.  We had two delicious appetizers, filo rolls and calamari rings.  Sam and Eli chose fish plates, Ezra had a grilled shrimp salad, Charlotte a chicken kabab plate, and I had a shepherd’s salad. Our server offered to take our photograph when the entrees arrived, and then brought us complimentary baklava desserts.  Everyone enjoyed the food, the ambiance and the attention of our server. 

We dropped Charlotte off at home and came back to prepare for Patrick’s arrival. He got here about 4:30 p.m. and everyone got caught up on the week’s activities. We ordered two pizzas from the neighborhood Yogi’s Pizzeria for dinner and then headed off to the W.O. Smith School of Music for the Act Like a GRRRL program.

The event began with a red carpet interview of each of the six GRRRLs. This was followed by a filmed presentation in an auditorium.  Each of the six was featured in some original writing, dance, skits or music.  It was the first year participating for Charlotte’s friend Landry and the final year for Serena, who graduated from high school this year.  Charlotte and several others were in their third year.  It has been wonderful to watch them mature and grow in self-confidence as well as develop their unique talents even more each year. 

After the program, we congratulated our favorite GRRRL Charlotte and mingled with the guests.  It seemed like an excellent finale for the 2021 Camp Grandmama.  So of course, there was one more group photo of these four spectacular humans who are my grandsons and granddaughter.  It’s been a wonderful week!

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