June 25, 2021


Today the campers slept in a bit later after burning the midnight oil all week.  Charlotte came over about 11 a.m. and by 12:30 p.m. we sat down to a special menu of their choosing.  Potato chip chicken, deviled eggs, creamed corn and garlic cheese biscuits.  Followed by a dessert they’ve come to love in Nashville this week—Publix cheesecake! 

After a leisurely lunch, they adjourned to Elkins Avenue for an afternoon visit. Ezra (missing his cats Percy and Zoe) especially enjoyed playing with May May!  He said she’s very easy to communicate with—and he definitely speaks the feline language.

I picked the boys up about 4 p.m. and Charlotte went for her final session of 2021 Act Like a GRRRL.  We enjoyed leftovers for dinner in the Florida room.

Charlotte rejoined us about 8 p.m. and is spending the night. We watched a DVD about the Battle of Athens, in which several friends and family members were featured.  They’ve all heard me talk about it but seeing the full story plus old photos, news clippings and recordings made the story more understandable. So much of it seems eerily like current politics. One of the participants in the video said these 1946 actions by the McMinn County GIs broke the law but had a good outcome. They also said it was the second successful revolution in American history. It is a fascinating story—and part of my history. It was good to discuss this event with my grandchildren as we watched the video. 

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