June 23, 2021


The boys traveled to Sylvan Park this morning to hang out with Charlotte.  They were keeping a close eye on the World Cup and walked to Farm Burger to pick up lunch.  At 1:30 pm, Heather dropped the four of them off at the Eaves’ home—especially the beautiful new salt water pool Josh and Sarah added this year.  Their son Parker (who is a few months younger than Ezra and in the same grade at school) joined Ezra, Charlotte, Sam and Eli for swimming fun.  At 3 pm, Paul picked up Charlotte to get ready for her evening session with the Act Like a GIRRRL group.

It was a refreshing treat for the campers—and I enjoyed chatting with Kay, Josh and Sarah.

Later in the afternoon, the boys and I decided to sample some international cuisine—preferably one they hadn’t had before.  I reviewed the menu options from four local restaurants with them—Ethiopian, Turkish, Vietnamese and Uzbek. After consideration and several votes, Vietnamese was the prevailing choice.  We placed an order from Vui’s Kitchen in Berry Hill—with spring rolls for all, a beef Banh Mi with fried egg for Sam, a noodle bowl with 5 spice shrimp and fried egg for Eli, a shrimp and lotus root salad for Ezra and a cabbage-lemongrass chicken salad for me.  Eli and I drove to pick up the order.  They seemed slightly confused about it but handed us two plastic bags they said contained everything.  The containers seemed quite small and we were doubtful.  When we checked at home, three of the four entrees were missing.  I called—and they apologized, saying one bag was under the counter and he hadn’t given us that one.  So Eli and I drove back to get the rest of the meal.  They were very gracious and gave us three tickets for complimentary entrees to make up for the inconvenience!

Finally, we sat down in the Florida room to enjoy our Vietnamese dinner.  I played Vietnamese folk music on YouTube while we dined. Everyone enjoyed their meal (although Ezra was disappointed to have “bitter” arugula and red onions (which he removed) in his entrée. We’ll have some leftovers to enjoy tomorrow night!  Day 5 is a wrap!

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