June 22, 2021


We woke to lovely weather, with temperatures about ten degrees cooler than yesterday.  Ezra reported that he only read until midnight last night, then woke up early and got dressed.  Eli had found his missing watch so he checked it to see why no one else was up yet—and discovered it was 3:04 a.m.  So he wisely crawled back in bed to sleep until about 7:30 a.m.

Charlotte came over for breakfast—cheesy ham eggs, crisp toast, and fresh fruit.  Today was the chosen day to wear the 2021 camp shirts—red for Sam, green for Eli, purple for Charlotte, and blue for Ezra.

Heather came over about 11 a.m. and we each took two campers in our cars. First we caravanned to McKay’s used book store. I gave each person 30 minutes to seek out one book to buy (using my store credits from trade-ins). Charlotte found a book on the first 20 years of Saturday Night Live, Ezra chose a book on coral reefs, Eli selected a travel book featuring photos and text about every country in the world, and Sam picked out a biography of George Washington.  Good finds—and all within the time limit.

Next we drove to the Nations and took the photo above in front of the amazing Silo mural.  The  huge and very detailed painting is of a man who was a long time resident of this neighborhood.

We drove around the block to get this second photo of another painting of two neighborhood boys on the building adjacent to the silo.  Some people say the elderly man represents the history of the Nations and the children its future.

Next stop was Hugh Baby’s on Charlotte—where almost everyone got their famous cheeseburgers and fries.  We enjoyed eating at a picnic table on an outdoor patio. A great Wish for Peace mural was just across the street and we had to have a photo there.

Next stop on the mural trail was the I Believe In Nashville one in Marathon Village.

By this point, the campers had declared they were really tired of being photographed in front of murals.  So we just made one final stop for the afternoon at the Hillsboro Village mural.

Charlotte went on her way to her evening Act Like a GIRRRL session, but there was one more special treat for the boys and me.  Paul came by after dinner to take us on a driving tour to see all the new developments downtown.  We got a glimpse of the new soccer stadium construction, many new apartment buildings and hotels, the honky tonk craziness with crowds of tourists on Broadway, the new Federal courthouse, the Nashville Yards and Capitol View developments, the 5th & Broadway and National Museum of African American Music, and The Gulch.  

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