June 20, 2021


We began the Sunday activities by going to the late service at Church of the Redeemer—the four cousins, Patrick and I.  Everyone was ready on time and we were home for lunch by 12:15 or so.  The highlight of lunch was a special dessert creation—one which they pronounced awesome indeed!  I made Wacky cupcakes, cut off the tops and stuffed them with chocolate mint ice cream, then froze them.  To serve, I thawed them slightly, covered them with Cool Whip and melted chocolate.

After Patrick left for home, Heather came by and we all headed to Green Hills to see In the Heights. We were surprised to see Jerry and Sarah in the lobby with Judy—going to the same show!  Jerry had taken Judy to see it Friday but they decided to go again with Sarah.  It really is a movie that you could enjoy seeing twice.  Charlotte had also gone to see it the week it was released and was happy to go again today.  The boys and I had sandwiches in the Florida room for dinner and then played a little Brain Yoga. All in all, day two was perfectly lovely.  Togetherness is hard to beat—and even sweeter because of the longer interval since last time.

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