June 19, 2021


It’s been over 15 months since these four sat together at my table– and almost two years since the last summer Camp Grandmama.  They are all much taller and more mature—and even more wonderful than before! 

The real kickoff of festivities began this morning when Charlotte arrived for our traditional breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and sausage. Appetites may have grown also!

Later in the morning we had a conversation about Juneteenth.  Today marks the first year that this date has officially been recognized as a Federal holiday.  We talked about the details of June 19, 1865, and reviewed the list of the other 10 Federal holidays.

No Camp Grandmama would be official without some swag.  The second photo shows the unveiling of the 2021 swag—including colorful Nashville t-shirts (purple for Charlotte, blue for Ezra, red for Sam and green for Eli), notebooks and pens, hand sanitizer and more.  Ezra began carrying his sketchbook and pen around at once, taking notes as he resumed his role as spy.

We went to Elkins Avenue for a festive lunch.  Ezra especially was delighted to play with their cat May May (as he’s missing his own Percy and Zoe) and dog Billy.  Heather provided a wonderful feast of Hattie B’s fried chicken and all the trimmings—plus a platter of watermelon slices and iced tea.  The campers lunched together in the back yard—on a perfect summer Saturday in June.

Charlotte’s spending the night and plans include a feast of leftovers—and watching the movie Moonrise Kingdom.  A wild indoor game of Hide and Seek is now underway.  They are discovering that some of their old favorite hiding places are now too small for them!

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