June 16, 2021


We had fun celebrating Judy’s birthday this evening at Paul and Heather’s home!  She was thrilled to spend time today with two of her three sons—and to have had a visit last week from the other son and her eldest grandson. Her request was to order pizza and to have a strawberry birthday cake. Heather made a delicious green salad with avocados, tomatoes and pickled onions, Five Points Pizza prepared tasty pizzas, and I baked the strawberry birthday cake.

The cake recipe is one I came upon a few years ago and we think it’s delicious.  It’s a butter cake made from scratch and contains some fresh chopped strawberries—and the icing includes cream cheese, whipped cream, and fresh chopped strawberries.  What’s not to like about all those ingredients?

Jerry—visiting from Minnesota—is taking his mom to see In the Heights tomorrow at Green Hills Theatre.  She’s a huge fan of musicals and is excited to see this latest Lin-Manuel Miranda hit.  Always an avid gardener, she marveled at Paul’s beautifully landscaped back lawn this evening.  He definitely has her gardening genes!

Even though Lewis couldn’t join the celebration in person, Judy, Paul and Jerry had some good time with him today.  We sent him a piece of cake to enjoy later!

Judy is an amazing woman—her curiosity and enthusiasm, her love of science, medicine and music, her deep love of and interest in her family and many friends, and her overall zest for life.

When Paul and Heather married, she decided she would introduce me as her “sister-in-law” instead of her “daughter-in-law’s mother.”  It seemed more like family—and I like it. Happy birthday, Judy!

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