June 12, 2021


There are a few times when you might want your feet to be featured in a photo—and this must have been one of those!  Here’s a candid shot of mother-daughter feet under the table at the Illinois wedding reception of Jesse and Stephanie.  Heather had gotten a pedicure and loved her  new pink sandals.  After many years of wearing high heels with pointed toes, I was just thankful to find a pair of closed toe shoes that didn’t hurt my feet.

Feet take a lot of abuse—from ill-fitting, poorly designed shoes mostly.  When I was a little girl, the Buster Brown shoe stores all had small x-ray machines you could slide your feet in and get an inside look. Surely that was a foolish experiment—and of course they disappeared after a few years. 

The designers of pointed toe high heels must have had a cruel streak.  They started all my foot woes for sure. A few years after this “foot photo” I started going to a podiatrist.  The next step was to have custom orthotics for my shoes.  And then, only flats.  When you have a few crooked toes, sandals lose their appeal.

After a delicious dinner and many loving toasts to the bride and groom, the dancing began.  Heather and Paul joined in—and her feet had a delightful time on the dance floor. Perhaps this photo is a good reminder that you should dance every chance you get—make your feet happy while you can!

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