June 4, 2021


Our family cars were usually very sedate and “no frills”—Buick Eights, then Dodge coupes. Several years after Arley died, Harriett decided the Dodge needed to be replaced.  Her mechanic advised her to get a new Plymouth Fury.  I’m sure she’d not had much say in selecting cars since she’d remarried—and I must say I was thrilled with her first buy!

What girl wouldn’t love to drive this sharp looking car? This 1956 Plymouth Fury was a two-tone black and white with those wonderful tailfins and white sidewall tires. Even more miraculous was the push-button drive feature.  Driving it was a dream.

I remember going to Tellico Plains and having fun taking those sharp mountain curves in this powerful little car.  Having a driver’s license and access to a cool car definitely made life in Athens more fun.

Apparently, this model was a major breakthrough for Chrysler cars.  For the past few years, they’d been losing out to competitors but the Plymouth Fury with its powerful V-8 engine, updated design and push-button drive marked a real turnaround for Chrysler.  And on a smaller scale, this car marked a turnaround for Harriett and me. 

After several difficult years, things were beginning to feel more hopeful. I could roll down the car windows, turn on the radio and drive like a real mountain girl. That is, unless Harriett was also in the car!  But thankfully, I never put a scratch on our cool car.

This little sports coupe is a classic car today—and could have a sales price of over $30,000. In my book, it would be worth it!

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