May 29, 2021


This morning was chilly and overcast but we hardly noticed!  For our second Saturday breakfast together since the pandemic and vaccinations, the six of us met at 8 am at the Cool Springs First Watch.  Being able to gather in person and without masks is a wonderful thing!

Most of us in this photo have been friends over 60 years!  Nancy (on left, wearing red), Polly (right rear) and Doris (right middle) became great friends while living and teaching in Long Island.  Pat (left middle), Betty (right front) and I all met while students at Lipscomb.  None of us is from Nashville but love calling it home now.  Two of our group couldn’t be with us today—Becky and Annette.  Becky was my roommate at Lipscomb and a bridesmaid in my wedding.  She still enjoys being a substitute teacher a couple of days a week.  Annette was also a longtime teacher. And we’ve lost two other much loved friends from Lipscomb days—Jan and Kay.

These Saturday breakfasts are fun—and Polly usually sends us an email during the week suggesting a specific location.  We alternate between the Franklin and Brentwood/Nashville neighborhoods.  Some of our favorite spots have been Puffy Muffin, Puckett’s, Cracker Barrel, and First Watch.  Some of us have our custom orders for breakfasts while others like to try new items.  We like our coffee—some prefer decaf, others regular. 

Conversations are always interesting—discussing the latest news of our families, books we’re reading, current events, college memories, and many other topics. 

We were totally unaware that someone was observing us from a nearby table.  When Polly asked our server for our separate checks, she handed her a note written on a First Watch order pad.  It read, “Ladies, I paid for your Breakfast! Now you have a fun story to tell.  As I watched you enjoy conversation with each other I was missing my grandmother. While I can’t buy her breakfast anymore I hope you will accept my gift to you this morning.  I wish you many more breakfasts together. – George Uribe”

It was such an unexpected and generous gesture we were all delighted!  Our server seemed just as excited as we were and I asked her to take this photo of us.

I did a Google search for our breakfast donor and learned he is founder and CEO of  He was a veteran television producer with MSNBC and CNN and a booker for Fox News Channel. His successful company now books guests for television and radio shows. He and his family live in Franklin.  In 2015, he was named an Ellis Island Medal Honor winner. His parents were immigrants from Bogota, Colombia, and Spanish was his first language.  He is well known for his contributions in media and philanthropy.  And today he gave our sextet “a fun story to tell.”  Thank you, George!  You made our day.

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