May 28, 2021


Our family was really excited and surprised when twins Sam and Eli were born 16 years ago! As Julia and Patrick said, since twins were their first children, they didn’t realize how much more was involved until a few years later when Ezra was born. 

Brent and David were friends of Patrick all through high school and college and at church—in South Carolina.  Brent and Ana married several years after Patrick and Julia.  And surprise—they had twins, Charlie and Riley!  They already had a daughter Ale—and when the babies were about a year old, came to spend a weekend with me in Nashville.  

Meanwhile David had married Amanda—and they lived in Nashville. First, they had a sweet daughter named Etta—and then twin sons Luca and Julian. While Brent’s family was visiting, I invited David and Amanda over for a meal.

In this photo, David and Amanda’s twin sons are in their little car seats while Ana’s holding Riley and Ale has Charlie. Amanda’s holding Etta.

It just seemed so unlikely—that these three men who had grown up as friends would all be fathers of twins.  They are all wonderful fathers—very committed to their wives and children, guiding and teaching their children, and enjoying shared activities with them. 

Now Sam and Eli are 16—and the other two sets of twins are growing up quickly. The three families aren’t able to get together as often but there’s still a strong bond of friendship.  Perhaps in the next year or so, we can have another Nashville reunion!  

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