May 15, 2021


Today’s weather was one of those near-perfect days in May!  Sunny, mild, gentle breezes, and white peonies blooming in my back yard. It’s also a special day—16th birthday for twin grandsons Sam and Eli and first dose of the Pfizer vaccine for Charlotte.  Here’s Charlotte having a little brunch of bacon and chocolate chip pancakes in my Florida room before heading over to 100 Oaks for her vaccine.  

Earlier this morning I met five long-time friends for an early breakfast at Puffy Muffin.  It’s wonderful to be able to chew again (after being on soft foods and smoothies for six weeks) and also just to go to a restaurant for a meal after the long pandemic year.

The boys have had a great 16th birthday celebration– with a family road trip to New Orleans!  Delicious New Orleans specialties like beignets and crawfish, and a two-hour steamboat ride on the Mississippi River were highlights of their day. 

On their second birthday, we had a big party for Sam and Eli on my carport. Pat, one of my college friends who came that day, was at breakfast with me this morning at Puffy Muffin.  We talked about how quickly they’d seemed to go from two to sixteen!

It’s different and sweet to watch the grandchildren grow up!  They change in many ways but I cherish the unique features of each one that seem to stay the same—a smile, an expression, a mannerism. Charlotte’s busy finishing eighth grade and talking about high school in the fall, but she still likes those homemade chocolate chip pancakes.  Long may it remain the same.

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