May 14, 2021


One of the many delightful experiences of being a grandmama was when the little ones would snuggle up in my lap as I read books to them!  In this photo, Sam and Eli are engrossed in a board book I’m reading.  Each grandchlld had some favorite books.  Patrick and Julia read Goodnight Moon every night—and the boys soon knew every word! 

I kept a supply of books to read when they visited—and also enjoyed having them select favorites from their bookshelves at home for me to read to them.  One of theirs that I bought for myself and actually read during the early months of the pandemic was We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!  Some other favorites I’ve given as baby gifts for friends—especially Owl Moon and The Last Straw. 

Reading to little ones often stimulates their lifelong love of books.  It certainly did that for me—and my children—and hopefully all the grandchildren, too.  Browsing at favorite bookstores like Parnassus Books is a favorite pastime—and I’m grateful to be able to do that again after the pandemic restrictions.  Going to the neighborhood library often should be an option soon!

Those sweet twins I’m reading to in this photo will turn 16 tomorrow!  And they’re completing a tenth grade reading assignment this week—Sam’s book choice was Don Quixote and Eli’s The Wives of Henry VIII!  It all began with Goodnight Moon!  

Here’s hoping Sam and Eli will be lifelong readers—and enjoy choosing from a wide range of topics and authors.  Who knows?  They may even write books someday!

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